Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I have continued to enjoy using the Xcut and improving my knowledge of linocut. ‘Lino-cut Friends’ on Facebook is a good source of information and inspiration; of course the Xcut now has its own group. What have I learned in my experiments? I like using the green Japanese vinyl, which I find much easier to cut than traditional lino or easy cut. I don’t like the tins of Calico Safe Wash, which seem to develop a skin almost immediately; beware if you buy the larger amounts as it comes in a tin rather than the tube. I had a go at masking  part of an image which was quite successful. 

 After watching a video on mono print and linocut on You Tube, I intend to experiment much more with that approach. The artist I watched is Favianna Rodriguez, who gives a very generous insight into her process. I found a sketch book image and adapted that, with plenty of white space to show the mono-print through.I have bought two small rollers which I think will help. I also made some marks with my dremel, which has potential for more trials.

You need plenty of wipes to clean up and it can be a messy process in the bathroom sink. I now know to use less ink which makes the clean-up less daunting.
Does anyone in the UK know where to obtain small sheets of Plexiglas?
Just for fun another 'icolorama' image.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Linocut on the Xcut

I have continued having fun with the Xcut and trying to improve my cutting marks. I have bought some new Calico Safe Wash inks and I only had a tin of black left from a long time ago and it had formed a skin (this is apparently a well known hazard). I have used Soft Cut and now some Japanese Vinyl, which I like.

I have been going to a weekly drawing class and so decided to use some of my sketches as linocut inspiration.

Drawing scanned and reversed; I have given them each a flower for fun.

Original block

Trying to roll on two colours.
Then some cheat images, taking the prints into Icolorama app and changing the colours and background. Just for the fun of it.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

L'Artishe Gallery

L’Artishe Gallery in Swanage is currently exhibiting its popular Cube Show. The opening get together is on March 4th; unfortunately we will not be there until a couple of weeks’ time. If you are in the area do support the gallery by paying a visit.

 I put in a small weaving called ‘Strandline’ having added to it some small pebbles with holes which I found along Swanage beach.

I have continued my experiments with mark making in linocut using the Xpress Xcut to print. I am pleased with how my vocabulary of marks is growing. I added colour with watercolour having seen how someone on line tinted their prints. Lots to learn.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Xpress Xcut

I think I came across this link to Annie Day's printing blog on pinterest; like many I quickly became obsessed with getting one of these little machines, the Xpress Xcut. It's intended use is for cutting out shapes and embossing for paper crafts, a mystery to me, but low and behold it can be used as a poor man's printing press.I have tried it with a lino block I had and with a speedy cut block. It worked straight away. I have used water based block printing ink and added a piece of felt.

My prints are a bit rough but on line you can see some print artists who have had excellent results. It is so much easier than rubbing with a spoon or a barren. I got mine from The Range, which delivered quickly; initially I ordered from the cheapest firm on line but they came back to say out of stock.
I thought I would continue to use my view of South Lea Meadow before it is built over. As you see from the plackards most people here are protesting against the attempt to destroy the village, and my husband was even on TV with fellow protesters.

I am continuing with learning to weave on the small loom; this is inspired by a frosty day when the ice never really melted in the field. Since my fall last year such days are only good for looking out on.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Seasons Greetings.

A small tapestry made in the 'Little Looms' workshop.

Best wishes for the festive season and wishing you all the best of possible times in 2017.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Creative Endeavours

A small section of my desk, in fact my sewing machine table, currently filled with lots of beach finds and my current interest in weaving. I am taking the on line 'Weaving on Small Looms' course with Rebecca Mezoff. I just fell for the small hokett loom without even knowing there were such  things as dents and wpi.. If you know nothing about tapestry weaving I can assure you it is much more difficult than it looks; if you have experience you will already know that there is a great deal to learn. I have put a link in the side bar to the course and I would highly recommend reading Rebecca's blog, about her current hiking experiences in an area of petrified forest. She is using her weaving as a kind of sketchbook, noting the colours and rock formations.

This is a small weaving I made before I knew the difference between weaving and tapestry. I included some razor shells from Knoll Beach in Dorset.
This is a print I made from dried seaweed found along the strand line in Swanage. I dried the seaweed, printed it onto washi paper and then scanned the print onto the computer.

Here is my first small tapestry,perhaps, like ones own naughty child, only I will love it, but I do. It was hard work.

I have a couple of books recommendations for you. I bought 'The essential Guide to Beach combing and the Strand line' after attending a talk by the authors Steve Trewhella and Julie Hatcher, who are both based in Dorset. If you spend any time by the beach this is a fascinating read.
I would love to walk along the Thames in London and search for treasure, but until I get the opportunity this is a way to enjoy the experience without the mud, 'London in fragments' A Mudlarks's Treasures by Ted Sandling; an excellent book to dip into just before you drop off to sleep or any time really.

Friday, November 11, 2016

L'Artishe Gallery

This is an exhibition of a range of work linked by the theme of 'natural forms' which will be shown at L'Artishe Gallery,71 High Street,  Swanage,Dorset over the next two month. I spend a good deal of time in Swanage now and have three of my needle felted pieces on the Change theme in the exhibition. We will not be there until the end of November so I shall miss the opening event. I hope you will support the gallery if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near the area.

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